A comfortable space for peers to learn and grow

02 February 2018

“It was a really comfortable space for peers and it was so exciting to meet these leaders in their own communities,” says Carolyn Campbell-McLean about the first Team Up disability peer group training.

Team Up kicked off the first of its peer training sessions in recent weeks with Introduction to Peer Support workshops in Sydney and Newcastle. Facilitators of the Sydney training, Sharon Holz and Carolyn Campbell-McLean (better known as Caz), were delighted with the response at the first session in Sydney’s Surry Hills. (Group pictured above).

“What was really special about this training was the learning in the room,” said Caz. “Lisa, who is deafblind, taught the group a new technique for communicating with people who are blind. Knocking on the table before speaking really helped Lisa to identify who was speaking. The group thought this was a great way to ensure everyone could participate.”

One of the attendees, Fiona McKenzie had a lot of positive things to say about the training, “I’m really enjoying it! We have really good discussions in the group. It gives you a chance to talk to peers and learn from their experiences.”

The experience has even encouraged Fiona to broaden her own communications skills, “Now I really want to learn basic sign language. It’s on my bucket list! I’ve already learned how to say thank you!”

Both facilitators Caz and Sharon completed Team Up Facilitator training and now deliver peer training courses around the Sydney area.

Speaking about her hopes for the attendees, Caz said “we want people to go away with the concepts and skills of what makes really good peer support and have the tools to carry that through to their own communities.”

Sharon is equally enthusiastic about her new role as a Team Up facilitator. “This is the best thing I’ve done in my life, I mean that!”

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