Complaints Policy

Complaints and Feedback Policy

  • The way we deal with complaints is in our Complaints and
    Feedback Policy.

    This is the easy to read form of this policy.

  • Everyone has the right to

    • Make a complaint or
    • Give feedback to CID

  • A complaint is something you do when you are being treated differently or unfairly.

    A complaint is telling someone you are not happy about something
    at CID.

  • Feedback is information that can help make things better.

    Feedback can also be about a good experience.

What CID will do

  • If you make a complaint at CID we will
    • Listen to you
    • Treat you with respect
    • Write your complaint down

    If you need an interpreter to make a complaint we will get one.

  • We will deal with your complaint quickly.

    We will keep you updated on what is happening.

    Your information will be kept private.

  • You will not be treated badly for making
    a complaint.

Make a complaint at CID

  • How to make a complaint at CID

    • Call 1800 424 065
    • Write a letter
    • Send an email to
    • Talk to a staff member in person

  • You can make a complaint to any staff member at CID.

What happens when you make a complaint

  • You can talk to the person who the complaint is about.

    If this makes you feel scared or uncomfortable you do not have to do this.

  • You can talk to a manager or CEO instead.

    Serious complaints go to the CEO straight away.

  • Feedback does not need to be looked at.

    Feedback might be shared with staff members.

After your complaint

  • CID will look into the complaint and get back to you in 3 weeks.

    CID will keep information about your complaint private.

    The complaint will be recorded in the CID Complaints Register.

Help to make a complaint

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