Inclusion services

Make your organisation more inclusive

We have over 60 years’ experience in helping organisations grow and be more inclusive.

  • Why be more inclusive?

    Grow your reputation and increase your impact

    • Reach a broader audience
    • Benefit from more engaged and loyal customers
    • Surpass your social responsibility goals
    • Enhance your reputation as a contributor to the community
  • Why CID?

    We listen to your needs. We help, guide and advise you on how to reach your inclusion goals.

    • We are the experts in how to include people with intellectual disability
    • We have over 60 years’ experience promoting inclusion
    • We’re led by people with intellectual disability

    As a not for profit organisation, income from our services goes directly into our mission of building a community in which people with intellectual disability are valued.

Our inclusion services

We offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs


  • Easy Read

    Reach more customers and include everyone with Easy Read versions of your documents.

    Learn how to write in Easy Read.

    What is Easy Read?

  • Product and service testing

    Focus groups
    Don’t know if your product or service will work? Test it with people with intellectual disability.

    Refine your idea before investing in and launching an inaccessible product.

    Document testing
    See how well your documents and communications are understood by people with intellectual disability.

  • Build your capacity

    Inclusive practice resources
    Our guidelines are based on years of experience with all kinds of organisations.

    Inclusive practice training
    Talk with people with intellectual disability about their lives, inclusion and respect.

    Coaching & mentoring
    A safe space for you to ask questions and build your skills in inclusive practice.

    Read our best practice guide for inclusive meetings.

  • Inclusive Governance

    Engage people with intellectual disability at the highest level in your organisation.

    Build capacity for leadership positions in your organisation;

    • on advisory boards
    • on governance committees
    • on board of directors

    Learn how to make an inclusive leadership style sustainable.

  • Inclusion audits

    Don’t know where to start on your inclusion journey? Our audits can help.

    With our review of your organisation’s inclusiveness and compliance we can
    Identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses in your organisation’s practices
    Prioritise what you need to do
    Recommend solutions

  • Contact us today

    Our Inclusion Services team is ready to answer any questions you have.

    Call us on 1800 424 065 or email to book in a time to talk and/or request a quote tailored to your needs.

    We would love to hear how we can help your organisation be more inclusive for people with intellectual disability!

What is Easy Read?

“Easy Read is important. It means I can understand and I’m included”.

Easy Read uses clear, everyday language matched with images to make sure everyone understands.

Easy Read documents help you reach:
• people with disability
• people with English as a second language
• people with lower literacy levels

We offer Easy Read translations and training. Contact us to find out more.

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