Jobs + Education

People with intellectual disability can face discrimination and inequality in education and the workplace.

We want people with intellectual disability to have equal opportunities for good education and a meaningful career.

Work gives me a reason to get up in the morning. It makes me feel good. You feel like you’re wanted, not left out in the cold. You belong.

What we are doing

Through our ‘More than Just a Job‘ project we offer training and support for people with intellectual disability to find and keep a job they enjoy. We also train employers on how to better support people with intellectual disability.

We produce resources to help people with intellectual disability think about their life and careers.

Our me360 cards help young people with disability have conversations about the important things in their lives.

We work with organisations to

  • Build the capacity of staff
  • Learn how to adopt an inclusive leadership style
  • Get practical guidance on recruitment and employing people with intellectual disability.

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