About Us

We are a disability rights organisation
led by people with intellectual disability.

  • Our vision

    We want a community where all people with intellectual disability are valued.

    We believe people with disability should have the same opportunities as everyone else.

    We work to build a community that protects rights, includes everyone and supports people well.

  • Who we are

    People with intellectual disability are at the front and centre of everything we do – they are our decision-makers, staff members, board members and spokespeople.

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  • How we work

    We speak up on the big issues and campaign for change. We talk to organisations about becoming more inclusive and accessible.

    Through CID people with intellectual disability, their families and supporters can learn skills, and actively take part in the community.

    We provide information, hold workshops and develop useful resources.

    We share our stories and connect with peers.

    We focus on issues that are important to people with intellectual disability, such as health, NDIS, jobs, education, transport and safety.

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  • “CID models inclusion of people with intellectual disability in everything it does.”

    Bigby & Henderson 2018 La Trobe University
    Read their report

  • More than 450,000 people in Australia have an intellectual disability.


  • CID Member Anthony Mulholland received the Disability Leadership Institute Change Makers Award 2018 for his advocacy work on transport, NDIS and accessibility.

  • “One of the things I love about CID is that when I come in people are sharing ideas.”

    Shu Hua Chan, CID Chairperson

  • “Intellectual disability is a disability that slows down learning. We can learn if the way of teaching matches how the person learns. Intellectual disability is not an inability to think! We know what is going on around us, and we can feel what’s going on, too”.

    – Robert Strike

Our Campaigns

Join us to campaign for a community in which people with intellectual disability are valued.

  • Easy Read translations
  • Easy Read training
  • Product development and testing
  • Focus groups
  • Consultations and advisory committees

Email us at info@cid.org.au

Info Service

Our Info Service has lots of information that is helpful for people with intellectual disability.



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