Ricky talks to Dr Rita in Dr Rita's office.



People with intellectual disability are not treated the same when it comes to health.

We want people with intellectual disability to have the support they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

I believe we all have the right to good health and good health care.

What we are doing

We help people with intellectual disability understand their health rights. We meet with politicians, academics, policy makers and health professionals to talk about improvements to the health system.

We run big campaigns so that people can join us and speak up for better health care.

We make resources to improve communication between people with intellectual disability and health workers. For example our My Health Matters folder helps people communicate better with their doctor.

We share stories from people with intellectual disability about the health issues they experience so that everyone can understand the challenges and the support needed.

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We have worked with

  • Black Dog Institute to consult on and translate their e-learning platform
  • Family Planning NSW to provide accessible information for people having bowel tests, breast examinations and sexual health checks
  • The NSW government to create training sessions for their ‘make healthy normal’ campaign

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