Coronavirus COVID-19 is currently making people sick.

We want to help people stay healthy and avoid getting sick. We want to make sure that if they do get sick they can get good medical care.

It is changing the way we live at the moment. We want to help people understand the government’s rules.

What we are doing

On this page you can find

We will be releasing more information and doing more over the coming months. Stay in touch with our work on Facebook, Twitter or sign up to our email updates.


Our Easy Read information about Coronavirus

  • If you think you have Coronavirus

    This Easy Read guide is about what to do if you think you have Coronavirus.

    It is about what health and disability support workers must do if

    • You have Coronavirus or
    • You might have Coronavirus
    Read the guide
  • Staying at home during Coronavirus

    We are spending lots more time at home.

    Here is Easy Read info about how to stay happy and health at home.

    Read our guide
  • Look after your mental health during Coronavirus

    Many people are worried about Coronavirus.

    If you feel like this you need to look after your mental health.

    Read now
  • Looking after your health during Coronavirus

    This Easy Read guide is about things you can do to stay healthy.

    It says what other people need to do to keep you healthy.

    Get the guide

Other information resources

There are lots of great easy to read resources around. We really like these ones.

Our advocacy work

We want to make sure that if people with intellectual disability get sick, they can get good medical care.


Ella asking Dr Jan a question in the office at NSW Health Play

Ella asks Dr Jan


In this video series, CID’s Ella Darling talks about COVID-19 with Dr Jan Fizzell, who is Senior Medical Advisor at NSW Health.

Watch all 7 videos



Look after your mental health


Are you scared or upset about Coronavirus?

You need to look after your mental health.

Leigh has some great tips for you.



How do you stay happy at home?


Leigh, Ella and Alex tell us what they do stay happy at home during lock down.

Leigh likes to entertain family and friends.

Ella likes to do positive thinking.

Alex finds new music to listen to.


Stay active while at home


Find out what Ella, Alex and Ben are doing to stay active during the pandemic.

What do you like to do to stay active?

Bike riding, going for walks, working out?



Stay busy at home


People with disability talk about how they are keeping busy at home.

Hear what Ella, Alex, Ben and Jack are doing to stay busy.



Stay safe at the shop


Going shopping for food is something we all need to do.

But now with Coronavirus, we need to take extra steps to avoid catching the virus.

Here are 9 steps to stay safe at the shop.

COVID conversations

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