Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • We need this policy to keep the privacy of CID members and staff safe.

    This is the easy to read form of CIDs Privacy Policy.

  • Everyone has a right to privacy.

    It is the law.

  • Privacy means we keep your personal information safe.

    Personal information tells us
    • Who you are
    • Your name and where you live
    • Your phone number and email
    • Your birthday or how old you are

Personal Information

  • CID need your personal information to
    • Contact you
    • Send you letters
    • Invite you to events
    • Pay you

  • We get your personal information from you.

    You can say yes to us having your information.

    You can say no to us having your information.

  • Keeping your personal information safe

    Staff at CID will keep your information safe.

    Meetings will be in a private space.

Sharing Information

  • Sharing your information

    Staff at CID can see your information if
    they need.

    Your information might be shared with other organisations you work with.

  • We will only share your information if you say it is OK.

    You can see your own information.

  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is different to privacy.

    It means having a say on what happens to things you talk about or do.

    For example you can have a say about how your story is shared.

    Contact us if you want to know more about our Confidentiality Policy.

Make a complaint

  • You can tell the Privacy Officer if there is
    a problem with your privacy.

    This is called a complaint.

    Everyone has the right to make a complaint
    if something is wrong.

  • The Privacy Officer is Justine O’Neill the
    CEO of CID.

    She makes sure your information is private.