Speak up and be a leader

Speak up and be a leader

  • When I first came to CID I liked meeting new people and I learned to have a voice.

    I joined their Learn 2 Lead group.

    I learned how to be a leader and to stand up for my rights.

    I was on the CID Board and have been co-Vice Chair. I am very proud of what I have achieved.

    – Judith

Speak up and take action with CID

  • Our advocacy group stands up for people with intellectual disability.

    The group meets once a month.

    The group helps CID understand what is important.

    To find out more call us on 1800 424 065.

  • You can speak up about things that are important to you

    See stories about people with intellectual disability speaking up for their rights.

  • Do you want to stand up for the rights of people with disability?

    Get involved in our campaigns.

  • We have information to help you stand up for your rights.

    You can learn how to can speak up if there is a problem.

    Find out about things like

    • How to speak up in groups

    • How to make a complaint about things you buy

    • What to do if you get scammed

  • Got a question?

    We can answer your question.

    We can help you find the information you need.

    Call us on 1800 424 065.

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