My Right to Decide

Building decision making confidence

We provide training and resources to help build the decision making confidence of people with intellectual disability and their supporters.

  • What is supported decision making?

    We make many decisions every day. We often ask others for
    support to make decisions.
    For many people with intellectual disability, decisions are made for them when in fact they have the right to make decisions with the right support.

My Right To Decide is for

  • A person with intellectual disability who has support workers at home.

    Our training can help you to:

    • Build your decision making skills
    • Know your rights
    • Get good support
    • Share how you feel
    • Tell people what you want for your life
  • Organisations that provide support to people with intellectual disability in accommodation settings.

    Our training can assist people with an intellectual disability to:

    • Build their decision making skills
    • Know their rights
    • Identify best support
    • Share their will and preferences
  • Support staff in the area of supported decision making.

    Our training can assist support staff to:

    • Understand more about supported decision making and rights
    • Identify barriers to decision making and implement supports
    • Advocate for greater choice and control for people with disability
    • Support decision making of people with complex
      communication needs

    Training will be provided through your organisation.

  • Family members of someone with intellectual disability living in a supported accommodation.

    Our training can assist you to:

    • Understand more about supported decision making
    • Learn about the rights of people with disability
    • Support your family member to increase their confidence and
      skills in decision making

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