Just Include Me

A man with intellectual disability points to himself.Just Include Me is our free online self-paced training for health professionals.

This online training is CPD accredited and aims to shine a light on person-centered care and support health professionals to learn more about resources, tools, and actions to promote inclusion in health care for people with intellectual disability.

The training modules include:

  • Just Include Me
  • Communication Essentials
  • Communications Toolkit
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Behaviour as Communication I
  • Behaviour as Communication II
  • Consent and Decision Making I
  • Consent and Decision Making II
  • Virtual Care.

A world-class healthcare system cannot fail to include vulnerable groups.

Together, we can improve our approach to providing quality health care for all people.

Laura's Story

Watch our Inclusion Projects Worker Laura Naing talk about why inclusive healthcare and the Just Include Me training are so important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete the modules at any time on my iPad or other devices?

Yes, all the modules are self-paced. The modules are accessible on a phone, iPad, laptop or computer.  

What are the main skills I will learn?

You will learn about person centred care.  

You will learn more about resources, tools, and actions to promote inclusion in health care for people with intellectual disability. 

You will learn about:

  • Inclusive communication and behaviour as communication
  • How to make reasonable adjustments face to face and in virtual care
  • How to support decision-making and informed consent.

How suitable would the modules be for people who are not health professionals?

This course can be done by anyone wanting to learn about working with people with intellectual disability and inclusive health care. 

There are case studies and examples in the modules based in health settings, but the concepts and principles are transferrable to many other settings. 

Anyone who is not NSW Health staff can register for free through Medcast, which is is a nationwide platform.  

Once the learning is completed, there is a downloadable certificate that can be provided to the relevant professional accrediting body for CPD points. 

How many CPD points can I gain through each module?

The CPD points depend on the time equivalent for each module and the professional body.  

The total time duration for all the modules is 2 hours and 40 minutes. 

I missed out on joining the e-learning Launch live. Can I access the recording? Can I attend similar events soon?

Yes, the launch was recorded.

You can watch the launch recording on YouTube or download the launch recording on Dropbox.

Sign up to our eNews for information on future events.

What was the co-production process with people with intellectual disability?

There was a dual-based process for developing the modules.  

One part of the process was consultation with people with intellectual disability, carers and support workers. There was collaboration with academics and health professionals. The case studies throughout the modules are based on lived experiences.  

Another part of our process was evidence-based research.  

How long will this be available for?

The Just Include Me eLearning series will be available on Medcast until 2025.

It will be available on HETI indefinitely, subject to HETI’s internal reviews every few years for function and relevance.

Are these e-learning modules mandatory for health staff?

No, but the CID Advocacy team is working on mandatory disability training for NSW Health staff.

Our CID Health project and our work in collaborating with NSW Health is subject to future funding. 


Funded by the Department of Social Services.

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