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Everyday for Everyone Postcards

  • There are barriers for people with disability.

    People with intellectual disability need

    • Easy Read information
    • More government jobs
    • Transport that is safe and easy to use.
  • The NSW Government needs to make changes to make inclusion of people with intellectual disability happen.

  • You can speak out by sending a postcard to the Premier and Leader of the Opposition.

  • We can send you postcards to give to your family and friends to sign.

  • Put the signed postcards in the post and we will give them to the Premier and Leader of the Opposition.

Frank talks about travel plans and making decisions

  • In this video Frank talks about his big plans for the new year.

  • Frank plans to travel around the world.

    He knows he might need support.

    Frank is happy to get advice.

  • You have the right to make the big decisions about what you want to do.

  • You can talk to others to get advice.

  • Learn more at the Supported Decision Making Hub.

Talking about supported decision making

  • Supported decision making gives people with disability freedom and independence.

  • Ricky, Kane, Sammy and Frank talk about why it is important for them to make their own decisions.

  • La Trobe University and the Disability Royal Commission did a report about supported decision making.

  • It is called “Diversity, equity and best practice: a framework for supported decision making”

    There is an Easy Read version.


Learn 2 Lead

  • Learn 2 Lead is looking for new members.

  • Learn 2 Lead is a group of CID members with intellectual disability.

  • They get together to:

    • share ideas
    • learn about leadership
    • learn about working together
  • They meet from 2pm – 4pm on the third Thursday of every month.


  • You need to be a CID member to join.

    You can become a member at the link.

  • If you want to know more contact CID

Research with UNSW

  • UNSW is doing research on having good health.

  • They want to hear from

    • people with intellectual disability
    • their supporters
    • health professionals.
  • To be involved in the project, you can email b.laghina@unsw.edu.au or call (02) 9348 0190.

Research with JFA Purple Orange and Australian National University

  • JFA Purple Orange and the Australian National University are doing research.

  • They want to hear from people with intellectual disability about how attitudes of other people make them feel.

  • The stories will be used in a report to the Australian Government.

  • The focus groups will be online from 10.30am to 12pm.

    • Wednesday February 1 – Attitudes in the Justice System
    • Thursday February 2 – Attitudes in Community Services
    • Monday February 6 – Attitudes at work
  • You will be given a $60 gift card for doing the focus group.

  • Call (08) 8373 8327 or email Ali or Ellen if you want to be involved.

  • You can read an Easy Read information sheet about the study.

Survey about employment from Inclusion Australia

  • Inclusion Australia is writing a report for the Disability Royal Commission about work and employment.

  • They want to know what needs to change so people with an intellectual disability can get jobs that pay well.

  • You can read more and do the survey at the link.

  • The survey will close on 2 February 2023.

Survey about taxis from Physical Disability Council of NSW

  • The Physical Disability Council of NSW wants to hear from people with disability who use taxis.

  • You can fill out the taxi survey at the link.

Research report on younger people in aged care

  • UNSW 3DN and the Summer Foundation wrote a report about younger people living in aged care homes.

  • Having to live in aged care as a younger person is not good for your health.

  • You can read the Easy Read version of the research at the link.

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