Be part of your community

Be part of your community

  • CID is a community where we can grow and learn together.

    I really enjoy being part of it and working with others. It is great to be with people who understand you.

    I have been sharing my story at workshops and events.

    Sharing my story helps people be more understanding.

    – Ben

Take part in the community and share with your peers

  • Become a Member of CID.

    You can help make sure people with intellectual disability are valued.

  • We want a community where all people with intellectual disability are valued.

    See stories of people with intellectual disability getting involved in their community.

  • Peer support is about helping others grow, learn new skills and be who they want to be.

    Get support from other people with disability.

    Give support to other people with disability.

  • We have information in other languages.

    We have Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and more.

    We can also translate our workshops into other languages.

  • Got a question?

    We can answer your question.

    We can help you find the information you need.

    Call us on 1800 424 065.

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