Inclusive governance workshops

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Inclusive governance means that people with intellectual disability are decision makers in organisations and bring their voices and insight to the board and decision making structures.

The Disability Royal Commission investigated organisational governance as part of Public Hearing 13 – Preventing and responding to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation in disability services (a case study).  In the report of Public Hearing 13, the Disability Royal Commission said “the inclusion of people with disability as directors is likely to expand the range of experience, skills and knowledge available to the Board and to improve the quality of services provided”.

CID offers a series of 3 workshops to support your board and senior management team’s decision making around inclusive governance.

  • Getting Started with Inclusive Governance
  • Preparing for Inclusive Governance
  • Practicing Inclusive Governance

These practical workshops offer your organisation the opportunity to consider how inclusive governance can work for you, along with strategies to increase participation of people with intellectual disability in governance and decision making structures.

Who are these workshops for

These workshops have been designed for boards and senior management teams.

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Inclusive governance workshops

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