More Than Just A Job

Make your workplace inclusive

We support people with intellectual disability to find and keep a job they enjoy.


    Everyone has the right to work and enjoy an ordinary life.

    How can you help everyone in your community have an equal opportunity to work?

    1 in 6 Australians has a disability.

More Than Just a Job offers 3 FREE training programs

  • More Than Just a Job for Business
    We train businesses and staff to

    • Create an inclusive workplace for all
    • Be confident working with people with intellectual disability
    • Connect with government incentives and supports
  • More Than Just a Job for Me
    We train people with intellectual disability to

    • Think about the kind of work they would like
    • Speak up about their interests
    • Connect with services to help them find a job
  • More Than Just a Job for Staff
    We train staff in disability services to

    • Ensure employees are engaged in meaningful work
    • Create pathways to open employment
    • Support people to have choice, voice and control

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  • LGBTIQ+ friendly peer meet ups

    As part of More Than Just a Job, we organise regular LGBTIQ+ friendly peer meet ups where you can meet new people and share your ideas and experiences about career planning, jobs and employment.

    These meet ups are for LGBTIQ+ people with intellectual disability and their allies. Friends, family and supporters are welcome to attend.

    If you are interested in attending, call us on 1800 424 065 and ask for Alison, or email her at

    Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the upcoming dates.