An inclusive workplace is a better workplace!

22 June 2021

Inclusion is something that has been undervalued in many workplaces for a long time. However, creating an inclusive work environment is often the first step taken by many leaders to ensure a successful workplace.

Inclusion is about feeling like you belong. It is about being connected with others and feeling like you are a part of something.

These are good things to feel and it makes sense that when we feel good, we can give our best.

This extends to our work life.

CID can help businesses to create more inclusive workplaces which benefit all employers, businesses, and employees.


The benefits of building an inclusive workplace are immense. 

From better financial performance, more innovative problem solving to easier employee retention and greater appeal to the companies’ customer base.

Inclusive workplaces start by employing a diverse range of people that reflect the diverse society in which we live.

People with disability are part of this diversity.

By employing people with intellectual disability you will not only bring a diverse range of people into your workplace but you are reflecting your customer base.

One in five Australians have a disability. This is about 4.4 million people. But currently, only 53% of people with disability are represented in the workforce.

This is compared with 84% of people without disability.

People with intellectual disability are particularly underrepresented in the workforce.


A diverse workplace is a healthy workplace.  

Diversity brings new ideas and ways of doing things.

Diversity strengthens the work that a business does.

An inclusive workplace can help people feel welcome, known and valued, and bring new ideas to the workplace.

When people feel like they are connected to and important to the business they can do their best work.

Like anyone else, people with intellectual disability want to find meaning and take pride in their work.

An inclusive workplace supports people to do their best work and creates a sense of community.

Workplace policies, processes and practices include everyone.

Everyone supports one another.

Reasonable adjustments are made to allow people to work well.

In conclusion, having an inclusive workplace is a way of making your business or organisation more successful.

Our More Than Just a Job project works with medium to large-size employers.

We can help you to strengthen your capacity to employ and support people with intellectual disability in meaningful work.

Find out more about More Than Just a Job here.

If you want to register or discuss your organisation’s needs and how we can work together call us on 1800 424 065 or email




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