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What is supported decision making

Supported decision making is when someone helps you make more of your own decisions.

“Decision making is very much a process. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not an event or a moment in time. It’s a way of relating to people.”
Jacquie Mills

  • Why is supported decision making important?

    People make decisions every day.

    Sometimes these decisions are big or small, they can also feel easy or hard.

    Everyone needs support to make decisions.

    This support can come from family, friends, professionals or other people in the community.

    People can also be supported to make decisions by changing things around them to make it easier. This can include things like having information in Easy Read or having extra time to think about it.

    Sometimes people may want to give something a go before committing to a decision.

    Supported decision making is important because it is about what people want and need for their own life.

    Watch our video about supported decision making.

    “If you make decisions for yourself, that’s it, you’re free.” Len Robinson

    Download the Easy Read Supported Decision Making Framework
    A thumbnail of the Easy Read supported decision making framework.
  • What is the My Rights Matter Project?

    My Rights Matter is a project about supported decision making.

    My Rights Matter will run until July 2024.

    The project will help people

    • Learn about the rights of people with disability
    • Make new decisions in their life
    • Engage with supports to achieve what they want.
    Read the easy read info about the project
    CID staff members from the My Rights Matter team at a table with resources.
  • Grants

    We gave grants to people and organisations for projects about supported decision making.

    Learn more about grants
    A person who uses a wheelchair working on a computer.

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