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What is supported decision making

Supported decision making means to help someone take steps to make their own decisions.

Support can come from family, friends and other peers.

Support can also come from service providers or other people such as advocates.

Supported decision making looks different for each person.

  • What is the My Rights Matter Project?

    My Rights Matter is a project about supported decision making.

    My Rights Matter will run for 2 years.

    The project will help people

    • Learn about the rights of people with disability
    • Make new decisions in their life
    • Engage with supports to achieve what they want.
    Read the easy read info about the project
  • Why is supported decision making important?

    Everyone needs support to make decisions.

    Decisions can be small or big, easy or hard.

    This depends on the person who makes the decision, the decision that needs to be made and what else is happening in their life.

    The support can be for long-term goals and everyday choices.

    The support is about what people want, what people need and choose for their own life.

    Supported decision making is important because it is about putting the person and their will and preference at the centre of decision making.

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