My Rights Matter project

  • Supported decision making is when someone supports you to make your own decisions.

  • Supported decision making is one of the important things CID works on.

  • My Rights Matter was a project CID did about supported decision making.

  • The project finished in June 2024.

  • Here are some of the things My Rights Matter did during the project.

Supported Decision Making resources

  • My Rights Matter made resources about supported decision making.

  • One of the resources was the Supported Decision Making Framework.

  • The Supported Decision Making Framework is for

    • People with intellectual disability
    • Their supporters.
  • It supports everyone to understand how to make a decision together.

  • My Rights Matter made more resources that you can see here.


  • CID had workshops about supported decision making for

    • People with intellectual disability
    • Their families and close friends
    • Support workers.
  • Almost 400 people were able to go to the workshops and learn about supported decision making.


  • The My Rights Matter grants gave money to projects about supported decision making.

  • The grants were for

    • People with intellectual disability
    • Organisations.
  • You can read about the projects that got grants here.


  • Advocacy is speaking up about the big issues.

  • My Rights Matter spoke up about supported decision making.

  • They told the NSW government to make new laws about supported decision making.

  • CID will keep doing advocacy about supported decision making.

Thank you

  • The My Rights Matter team says thank you to everyone who helped with the project.

  • The team says thank you to everyone who

    • Came to workshops
    • Looked at our resources and stories
    • Shared the project

The future

  • CID will keep doing work about supported decision making.

  • We have new projects starting soon about supported decision making.

  • You can see all our work about supported decision making here.

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