Download the My Health Matters folder to print

Download the digital My Health Matters folder

Download sections separately

  • Part 1 – About me has forms like

    • How to tell me things
    • How I tell people things (Like with words, photos, communication board, tablet, computer, sign language, or eye gaze).
    • How to support me
    • What I like
    • What I don’t like
    • About my disability
  • Part 2 – My medical information has forms like

    • My important health information
    • My important contacts
    • My medicine
    • Health choices
    • My health workers
    • My health plans.
  • Part 3 – Tools for my appointment has pictures to point at like

    • How sick I feel today
    • Pain I feel today
    • I have these feelings today
    • Non-gendered body front and back