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Disability Institutions

This page has information about things that have hurt people with disability. Remember to look after yourself with difficult topics.

Disability institutions are big places where people with disability live together. For over 100 years many people with intellectual disability used to live in disability institutions because of NSW government policy.

The government has never apologised for their disability institutions.

The government has never acknowledged the harm their institutions caused people with disability.

CID believes it is time for the NSW Government to

  • Acknowledge damaging policies of the past
  • Ask people with intellectual disability what they want done to make things better
  • Listen and act on what people with disability say
  • Make sure there are no more disability institutions
  • Make sure our whole community can learn about the history and experiences of people in institutions
  • Think about whether we are currently repeating mistakes of the past in the way we support people with disability.

If you need more information, you can call CID at 1800 424 065 or send us a message.

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