Hard to Swallow - Campaign win

Our successful campaign ensured NDIS
funding for life-saving swallowing therapies

NDIS funding cuts for swallowing therapy have been putting people like Tanisha and Ellen who have swallowing problems at risk of choking.

After campaigning by our supporters, and media coverage in The Guardian Australia, the NDIS decided in December 2018 to reinstate funding for swallowing therapies for the interim. This has been  followed by a decision at the end of June 2019 to make this decision permanent. This is a great win for people whose lives had been put at risk due to cuts to funding for their swallowing therapies.

On 28 June, NSW Disability Minister, Gareth Ward announced a new agreement between the NDIA and the states, reconsidering their position on funding health-related supports and therapies like swallowing therapies and decided that the NDIA will now fund them.

This is great news not just for Tanisha and Ellen, who feature in our Hard to swallow campaign, but also for the many people with disability on NDIS plans who need health-related supports and therapies, including people needing insulin injections and those with respiratory issues needing oxygen tanks.

Tanisha’s story

Tanisha has a very rare genetic disorder which has left her with intellectual and physical disability. Tanisha has Dysphagia, meaning she struggles to swallow her food and is at risk of choking every time she eats a meal. Tanisha and her family shared their story with us.

Ellen’s story

Ellen has a swallowing problem called dysphagia. This means she can be at risk of choking or even dying when she swallows.

Ellen’s mum Margaret knows how much better it is for Ellen and the family when these specialist therapeutic supports are funded.

CID will be watching closely to see how this is delivered by the NDIS to ensure that people with disability are now able to access these health-related supports and therapies as part of their NDIS plans.

Contact our Advocacy team at advocacy@cid.org.au if you’d like to know more about our Hard to Swallow campaign.

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