Barriers to employment. Interview with Ella at ABC The Drum

26 March 2021

Last Thursday 26 March, Ella talked with ABC The Drum about her life and employment history, her experience at the Disability Royal Commission and what it is like to work at CID.

Watch Ella’s interview here:

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Ella is currently working at CID and is involved in one of our large projects, More Than Just a Job.

More Than Just a Job supports people with intellectual disability to develop skills and confidence to participate in the workforce.

Through training programs and the development of peer groups, we address the barriers faced by people with intellectual disability seeking employment by developing the skills and confidence they need to prepare for and engage with the workforce.

The project is not only for people with disability, but also for businesses and schools.

The project will work with medium to large size employers to increase their capacity to employ people with intellectual disability in meaningful work. We will also work with schools to inform and educate them about the employment of people with intellectual disability.

If you want to know more about More Then Just a Job please call 1800 424 065 or email

Watch the full episode about the issues impacting people’s lives that values expertise above opinions at ABC The Drum site using the link below:


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