A person with intellectual disability speaking at a podium.

CID calls for action on the Disability Royal Commission

14 December 2023

CID calls on the NSW Government to act comprehensively on the report of the Disability Royal Commission (DRC).

We see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform the place of people with disability in society – from exclusion, neglect and abuse to inclusion, respect and access to the right supports.

You can read our full call for action here in standard English and in Easy Read. Our call is focused on the NSW Government.  The Australian Government also needs to take strong action in response the DRC Report.

Here are key asks we have put to the NSW Government:

  • By 2025, pass a robust Disability Rights Act.
  • Support the development of a national information and communications plan that says information relevant to people with intellectual disability must be in Easy Read, easy to find and easy to use.
  • In 2024, replace the Guardianship Act with an Assisted Decision Making Act and a comprehensive supported decision making framework.
  • By 2026, expand NSW Health’s network of intellectual disability health teams to provide statewide coverage and include a focus on periodic review of people with very complex health needs.
  • By 2026, make sure that 1% of jobs in the public sector and in government contractors are held by people with intellectual disability.
  • Increase the supply of social housing for people with intellectual disability and make the processes of the new Homes NSW accessible for people with intellectual disability.
  • By 2026, extend statewide the court diversion program operated by the Justice Advocacy Service.
  • In 2024, develop and implement a five year strategy to achieve a marked increase in the number of students with intellectual disability learning alongside their peers without disability.
  • By 2025, legislate to minimise the use of restrictive practices in all settings.

Over coming months, CID will be advocating strongly for action on our asks.


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