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How the parties answered our election asks

22 March 2023

View our election asks and the responses in Easy Read.

Everyday For Everyone?  What have the parties promised people with intellectual disability?

The NSW election is only a few days away but CID has been in campaign mode for five months. We have asked the parties and candidates to commit on disability inclusion, fighting health inequalities and reform of the 35 year old Guardianship Act. You can see all our asks here.

So, what have the politicians said to us? Here is a summary of our asks and how the politicians have responded.

Transferring leadership of disability inclusion to the Department of Premier and Cabinet

Only The Greens and key independent Alex Greenwich have supported this move.

The Liberal and National Coalition (“the Coalition”) has not responded to our ask. It has stressed its commitment to disability inclusion including through the Disability Inclusion Action Plans that all government agencies and local councils have to prepare each four years.

Labor has emphasised its commitment to disability inclusion. It does not support transferring leadership to the Department of Premier and Cabinet but stresses that the Minister for Disability Inclusion will be a strong advocate for inclusion across government agencies.

Inclusion in government communications

Labor will work towards all government information that is relevant to people with intellectual disability being in Easy Read by 2025 including developing an Easy Read style guide.

The Coalition says it is committed to government websites and services being easy to access by people with disability.

The Greens and Alex Greenwich are committed to inclusive government communications.

Jobs in government employment

The Premier has a target of 5.6% of government jobs being held by people with disability. However, the percentage actually held by people with disability has fallen alarmingly in recent years. Worse still, there are very few people with intellectual disability in government jobs.

The Coalition has not responded to our ask.

Labor commits to achieving the 5.6% target and to that including people with intellectual disability. Labor will contract Dylan Alcott’s Get Skilled Access to work on improving disability employment.

The Greens commit to improved government employment for people with intellectual and other disabilities.

Alex Greenwich supports CID’s specific target of 1% of public sector employees being people with intellectual disability.

Inclusive transport

The Coalition says it is committed to new transport infrastructure being accessible to people with disability.

Labor promises Easy Read transport information.

The Greens promise a plan for transport accessibility for people with intellectual and other disabilities.

Alex Greenwich supports cognitively accessible timetables, wayfinding and ticket purchases.

Establishing a disability inclusion fund

Labor supports this proposal in principle.

Alex Greenwich supports it too.

The Coalition has not responded to this ask.

The Greens have not said they would create a disability inclusion fund but have promised funding to local councils for two inclusion initiatives.

Reform of the Guardianship Act

Labor has committed to our request for a working party to advise the government on action, including involvement of community representatives.

The Greens and Alex Greenwich support guardianship reform with a focus on supported decision making.

The Coalition has not responded to this ask.

Addressing health inequalities

Coalition Health Minister Brad Hazzard says that NSW Health will continue to work with CID to improve mainstream and specialised health care for people with intellectual disability. Mr Hazzard agrees that some people with intellectual disability need regular specialist health reviews.

Alex Greenwich supports CID’s calls for comprehensive training of health staff in working with people with intellectual disability and more specialised intellectual disability health professionals.

Labor has promised to work with CID on addressing the stark health inequalities facing people with intellectual disability. Labor will also fund Get Skilled Access to extend an existing program of disability inclusion training for hospital staff.

The Greens are committed to equity in health care with a specific focus on disadvantaged populations including people with disability.

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