How to make a self-care plan

20 October 2021
  • Writing down a plan to reduce stress can help you stay healthy.

    Especially during COVID.

  • Planning for a whole year will help you to make the time that you need to rest.

  • Plan a holiday once a year.

  • 3 times a year take a few days off.

    You could take a trip or stay home.

  • Get lots of sleep every night.

  • Do a relaxing activity at least 3 days a week.

    Relaxing activities are slow and gentle.

Here are some ideas for relaxing activities.

  • Take a warm bath.

  • Spend time with friends.

  • Cook something for fun.


  • Walk.

    Notice all the sounds and smells around you.

  • Swim.

  • Have a picnic.

    Or just take a coffee to the park.

  • You can do anything that you love if it helps you feel calm.



  • Make sure you don’t look at your phone.

  • Share your plan with someone to help keep you on track.

  • Here is a blank plan that you can write on.

    Reading it often will help you to stick to your plan.

  • This guide has been changed with permission from Australian Red Cross, 2021, Wellbeing Toolkit.

    For more information, go to Australian Red Cross website.

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