How to look after your mental health

Are you scared or upset about COVID-19? Are you feeling isolated in lockdown? Leigh has ideas for how you can look after your mental health.

Look after your mental health during COVID-19

20 July 2021
  • Many people are worried about COVID-19.

    Many people are finding isolation and lockdowns hard.

    Some people are

    • worried
    • lonely
    • upset
    • confused

    If you feel like this you need to look after your mental health.

  • Mental health is how we think about life.

    It is about our mind being healthy.

    There are things you can do to help your mental health.

  • News and information

    It is important to get news about COVID-19.

    News can give you information to stay safe.

    But too much news can make people worry.

    Try not to watch or read news for too long.

  • Talk to someone you trust

    Talking helps us share our problems.

    You can talk to a

    • Friend
    • Family member
    • Peer group member
    • Doctor
    • Support worker

    Tell them how you feel.

    They may know how to help you feel better.

  • Connect with friends and family

    You can use technology to connect with others.

    You can

    • Phone people to talk to them
    • Write to them on email and social media
    • Call them on video services like Facetime, Skype or Facebook Messenger
  • Technology helps us stay connected.

    Staying connected can make us feel good.


  • Do things that are fun

    • Do exercise at home
    • Play games
    • Cook
    • Go for a walk
    • Listen to music
    • Watch things that make you happy


  • Look after yourself

    Looking after yourself helps your mental health

    • Eat healthy food
    • Get a good nights sleep
    • Breathe slowly and calmly
    • Take time each day to think about good things
  • More information

    Read more in our info guide Tips to Mental Health

    Also find out more in our Easy Read guide about mental health

    Family members and carers: see our Mental Health fact sheet.

    See also our Easy Read info guide Staying safe from Coronavirus

  • COVID-19 can make people feel worried.

    Isolation and lockdowns can make people feel lonely.

    We can support each other.

    We can help each other stay safe.

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