More than Just a Job offers three programs. More Than Just a Job for Me is one of these programs. It is for people with intellectual disability. It is a free training to help you plan your career goals.

Our More Than Just a Job team went to Broken Hill in June. They did a workshop about jobs with the students at Broken Hill school.

They had a great time and the people of Broken Hill were really friendly and welcoming.

In this article Ben talks about

  • his experience in Broken Hill
  • what the training is about

Ben is one of our project workers and part of the More Than Just a Job team.


Ben says

  • Students were very engaged and enjoyed having us there.
  • Students liked hearing my perspective and how much I love my job. Hopefully this will give them the confidence to find a job they’ll love too!
  • I enjoyed hearing some students know what they want to do and jobs they want to have after high school for example; midwifery, artist, builder, mechanic, writer, actor, animator and chef.

More Than Just a Job for Me is a training that focuses on

  • giving students the confidence to come up with work goals and steps to reach those goals.
  • giving them choices and strengths; helping them know themselves and what jobs they would be good at.

How do we do it?

  • We use ME360 Cards to create discussion between students to reflect on their identities, who they are and what they want to do, their passions and interests.
  • Setting goals and getting supports using The Power of Ten; who can support me and what comes next?

What the students got out of the visit from the More Than Just a Job team? 

  • Confidence to go after the job they want.
  • To achieve each step toward their work goal
  • Working together as a team to make a decision
  • Understanding what makes my life good

Fun things the CID team did during the trip

  • Visited the school’s farm animals

  • Went to Palace Hotel, home of Pricilla Queen of the Desert!

  • Went to the Desert Sculpture Garden

Find out more about More Than Just a Job using the following link: 

 You can also email or call 1800 424 065


Ben and the More than Just a Job team