NSW election – have your say!

18 March 2019

“My intellectual disability doesn’t stop me from having my say. And it shouldn’t stop you either.”

Fiona McKenzie, CID Board Member.

The NSW election on Saturday 23 March is a chance for you to have your say about Government.

Everyone has the right to vote.

Some people with intellectual disability were not allowed to vote in NSW elections.

The law has changed.

Now everyone with intellectual disability can vote in NSW elections.

Watch our video and download the Your right to vote Easy Read information guide to the NSW election.

Then have your say and vote this Saturday!

If you would like to know what the main political parties have said about intellectual disability, see our blog NSW election 2019 – what do the parties say about intellectual disability?

The video and Easy Read guide were made by Council for Intellectual Disability for the NSW Electoral Commission.

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