People with disability and emergencies

6 May 2020
  • The Disability Royal Commission wants to know about the experience of people with disability in emergencies.

    Emergencies are dangerous situations that we do not expect to happen.

    An example of an emergency is

    • a bushfire
    • a health emergency like Coronavirus COVID-19
  • The Commission wants to hear from people with disability who were in emergencies.

    They want to know

    • what helped during the emergency
    • what did not work
    • what could be done better
  • The Commission has questions you can answer.

    You can read the questions in the Commission’s Easy Read Emergency planning issues paper.

  • You must answer the questions before July 17.

    If you want to answer the questions you can call the Commission on 1800 517 199

  • You may find it difficult to talk about times when you were in an emergency.

    You can get support before you talk to the commission.

    To find a support service go to the Commission’s website.

  • See what we say about the Disability Royal Commission.

    If you have any questions please call us on 1800 424 065.

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