Royal Commission hearings

25 August 2020
  • The Disability Royal Commission is looking at

    • Neglect
    • Abuse
    • Violence
    • Exploitation. This is when people make you do things you do not want to do


  • The Commission put off holding public hearings because of Coronavirus.

    The Commission is now having public hearings again.

  • In September there will be a hearing on

    • medicating people
  • In October there will be a hearing on

    • education
  • In November there will be a hearing on

    • the criminal justice system
  • In November there will be a hearing on

    • First Nations people
  • In December there will be hearings on

    • training of health care professionals
    • employment
  • Most people are not allowed to go to the hearings.

    You can give evidence in other ways

    • phone
    • email
    • video

    For help giving evidence call the Disability Royal Commission on 1800 517 199.

  • The hearings will be shown on the Royal Commission’s website.

    You will be able to watch the videos when the hearings are happening.

  • See what we say about the Disability Royal Commission.

    If you have any questions please call us on 1800 424 065.

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