Royal Commission hears from people with intellectual disability

19 March 2020
  • The Disability Royal Commission held a hearing about health care for people with intellectual disability.

    The hearing was in Sydney.

    People spoke about times when the health system did not treat people with intellectual disability well.

  • Kylie Scott said doctors should ask short questions in plain English.

    Doctors should be patient.

    Kylie said “We want R-E-S-P-E-C-T”.

  • Toni Mitchell’s son Joshua has Down syndrome.

    Toni said Joshua did not get good treatment in public hospitals.

    Joshua is now getting better treatment in a private hospital.

  • Tara Elliffe said doctors should use simple words and pictures and easy read.

    They should talk to the person with intellectual disability, not to their parents.

    Tara said “Just listen to us!”

  • Robert Strike spoke on the last day of the hearing.

    He said “We are great trainers in how to communicate with us.”

    He said “Treat me as a person first and foremost.”

  • At the end of the hearing the Commissioners thanked people for telling their stories.

    The Commissioners said people helped them understand better about health care problems.

    They will tell the Government how to make things better.

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