Staying at home during Coronavirus

31 March 2020. Updated 4 May 2020
  • There are lots of ways to stay active and happy while you are at home.

  • Be active

    • Dance
    • Stretch
    • Do exercise
    • Walk around your garden
  • Stay connected

    It is important to keep in touch with family and friends.

    Use your mobile phone or computer to stay in touch.

  • Do things you enjoy

    Do something you love or try something new.

    • A hobby like drawing or gardening
    • Cooking your favourite food
    • Playing games with your family or housemates
  • Think about good things

    Take time to think about things that make you happy.

    If you feel sad or scared let someone know.

  • Sleep well

    Good sleep helps your body and mind.

    Some things you can do to help you sleep are

    • Take a shower or bath before bed
    • Listen to calm music
    • Try not to use your mobile phone late at night
  • If you feel sick

    If you are sick with a cough, fever or sore throat

    • Call your doctor and they will tell you what to do
    • Do not leave your home
    • Try to stay away from the people you live with

    This information is funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

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