Stronger teachers, stronger students

11 October 2017

We’re creating classroom resources that will improve how teachers and our education system support young people with disability.

Educators tell us that they are often asked about the disability support system, particularly the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Teachers can be the first people approached by a person with disability and their carers to find out more about how to navigate the new disability support system.

Yet many educators have told us they simply don’t know enough to answer these questions. They find this very frustrating, because they want to help and nurture their pupils as much as they can.

It is so important for young people to get advice about their rights and the services available to them. Information is the foundation on which people with disability can build a good life.

That is why Council for Intellectual Disability (CID) is creating school resources that will give pupils, parents and educators the tools they need.

UPDATE: We have produced the resource – check out and order our me360 cards.

The Stronger Staff project

Through our Stronger Staff project we are creating resources that teachers can use in their classrooms when talking about disability, the NDIS, and what makes a good life.

To develop these important resources, we are running workshops with students and information sessions for teachers and parents. We are also holding focus groups to work out in detail what tools students with disability and educators need.

Stronger Staff resources will be especially important for school students who are approaching an age where they can leave school. We hope to arm these young people with the information they need to feel confident to build a good life and thrive once they have left school.

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