Tell the Royal Commission about your experience of work

18 June 2020
  • The Disability Royal Commission wants to know about the experiences of people with disability in employment.

  • Employment means you

    • have a job
    • go to work
    • get paid
  • The Commission wants to know

    • if you have been discriminated against at work
    • if employment programs work well
  • They want to know how to

    • increase employment for people with disability
    • make work better for people with disability
  • The Commission has questions you can answer.

    You can read the questions in the Commission’s Easy Read Employment issues paper.


  • You must answer the questions before August 14.

    If you want to answer the questions you can call the Commission on 1800 517 199

  • You may find it difficult to talk about work and discrimination.

    You can get support before you talk to the Commission.

    To find a support service go to the Commission’s website.

  • See what we say about the Disability Royal Commission.

    If you have any questions please call us on 1800 424 065.

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