Tell the world about your human rights

11 April 2019
  • Human rights are rights we all have.

    Human rights help us have a good life with freedom and respect.

  • United Nations logo

    Human rights laws are made by the United Nations.

    The United Nations is made up of governments from 193 countries.

  • The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a law that protects and promotes our rights.

    It is called the CRPD for short.

  • Australian flag

    Australia has signed the CRPD.

    The government must protect and promote the rights of people with disability.

  • The government has to report to the United Nations on how Australia is doing at protecting our rights.

    People with disability and disability organisations also write a report.

  • Robert Strike at the UN

    CID is part of the working group who will write the report in 2019.

    We want to make sure the voices of people with intellectual disability are heard.

  • You can do an online survey to share your thoughts.

    We want you to include

    • Good things in your life
    • Things that could be better
    • How the government can improve things

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