Tell the world about your human rights

11 April 2019
  • Human rights are rights we all have.

    Human rights help us have a good life with freedom and respect.

  • Human rights laws are made by the United Nations.

    The United Nations is made up of governments from 193 countries.

  • The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a law that protects and promotes our rights.

    It is called the CRPD for short.

  • Australia has signed the CRPD.

    The government must protect and promote the rights of people with disability.

  • The government has to report to the United Nations on how Australia is doing at protecting our rights.

    People with disability and disability organisations also write a report.

  • CID is part of the working group who will write the report in 2019.

    We want to make sure the voices of people with intellectual disability are heard.

  • You can do an online survey to share your thoughts.

    We want you to include

    • Good things in your life
    • Things that could be better
    • How the government can improve things

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