The Royal Commission and Coronavirus COVID-19

22 April 2020
  • The Disability Royal Commission is looking at

    • Neglect
    • Abuse
    • Violence
    • Exploitation. This is when people make you do things you do not want to do


  • The Royal Commission is worried about the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

    Coronavirus can spread when people are close to each other.

    It can spread at public events.

  • The Royal Commission will not have any public events for now.

    Public events are

    • public hearings
    • community meetings
    • private meetings
  • The Royal Commission wants people to be safe.

    They will hold public events again when it is safe.

  • You can still tell the Royal Commission about your experience

    • by phone
    • in writing
    • by making a video

    The Royal Commission can still support you.

    To find out about how to make a submission call the Royal Commission on 1800 517 199.

  • The Royal Commission has made a statement of concern for people with disability.

    The statement says that governments must keep people with disability safe.

    There is also an Easy Read statement of concern.

  • See what we say about the Disability Royal Commission.

    If you have any questions please call us on 1800 424 065.

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