The Royal Commission wants to hear your story

22 August 2019
  • The Disability Royal Commission is now taking submissions.

    A submission is where you tell your story to the Commission.

    The Commission wants to hear your story about bad things that were done to you.

  • But the Commission does not have services to support you properly yet.

    You should wait until the services have started before telling your story to the Commission.

    Support services are important.

    They help you

    • feel safe when telling your story
    • tell your story so that people understand
    • know your rights.
  • The Commission will have 3 support services. They will be

    • Legal services
    • Advocacy services
    • Counselling services.

    The services will be free.

  • We will tell you when the services have started in our eNews. Sign up to our eNews.

    Find out more about the Disability Royal Commission.

    If you have any questions please call us on 1800 424 065.

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