Wearing masks during Coronavirus

6 August 2020
  • Wearing a mask can help keep you and others safe from Coronavirus.

  • There are different kinds of masks

    1. Surgical masks

    Surgical masks can only be used once.

    After you wear the mask put it in a rubbish bin.

  • 2. Cloth masks

    Cloth masks can be used more than once.

    After you wear the mask you should wash it.

    A cloth mask should have 3 layers of material.

  • How to wear a mask safely

    1. Wash your hands before you put the mask on

    2. Make sure the mask is not damaged or dirty

    3. Only touch the ear loops

  • 4. Make sure the mask covers your nose, mouth and chin

    5. Do not touch the mask while you wear it

  • After using the mask

    You can take your mask off when you are in a safe place.

    Carry a little bag with you to put the mask in when you take it off.

    Wash your hands after you take the mask off.

    Put a surgical mask in a bin as soon as you can.

    Wash a cloth mask as soon as you can.

  • Will a mask keep you safe from Coronavirus?

    A mask can help keep you safe from Coronavirus.

    But you can still get sick if you wear a mask.

  • Even when you wear a mask, you should

    • wash your hands often
    • stay 1.5 metres away from other people
    • stay at home if you feel sick
  • Get tested if you have

    • a fever
    • a cough or sore throat
    • trouble breathing
  • For more information contact CID

    Call 1800 424 065 or

    email info@cid.org.au

    This information is funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

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