What is the disability Royal Commission

27 May 2019
  • A Royal Commission looks at big problems that are important to the community.

    The Australian government is doing a Royal Commission for people with a disability.

    The Royal Commission is still being established. It is not accepting submissions yet. It will go for 3 years.

  • The Royal Commission will look at

    • Neglect
    • Abuse
    • Violence
    • Exploitation. This is when people make you do things you do not want to do
  • Lots of people with a disability have said these bad things have been done to them.

    This is a big problem in Australia.

    The Royal Commission is run by people called Commissioners.

    Commissioners are experts from the community.

  • The Commissioners want to make things

    They will

    • listen to people tell their story.
    • support people to speak up.

    Then they will tell the Government what needs to change.

  • People may find it hard to talk about these bad times.

    Michael Sullivan from CID says

    “This is a hard thing to even talk about but we have to be open about it.

    We can learn from people’s pain so we can make sure it does not happen to others.”

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