When we need to wear face masks NSW

26 July 2021
  • Example of when we need to wear face masks in NSW

    Wearing a mask helps keep you and others safe from COVID-19.

  • Greater Sydney Map COVID Face Mask restrictions

    In Greater Sydney and surrounding areas people must wear face masks when in certain places.

    Greater Sydney includes:

    • Sydney City
    • Wollongong
    • Central Coast
    • Blue Mountains
    • Shellharbour
  • You must wear a face mask while on the train

    If you live in these areas you must wear a mask when you are

    • Inside a shop or shopping centre
    • Inside a bank or post office or an office
    • In a shared area in an apartment building like the lift
    • Waiting for take away
    • On public transport
    • Waiting for public transport
    • At a hospital or nursing home
    • Outside when you are near other people from outside your household

    For some Local Government areas there are extra rules for wearing masks.

    See these extra rules

  • If you live in other parts of NSW you must wear a mask when indoors.

    For example

    • on public transport
    • at indoor entertainment places like cinemas and theatres
    • at hospitals and nursing homes
    • at dance and gym classes
    • at work

    You must also wear a mask at outdoor organised meetings.

  • We must wear a mask at cafes and pubs

    If you are not wearing a mask in these areas you may get fined.

  • A woman holding a face mask with her hands

    Carry a mask in your bag so you always have one with you.

  • Clean face mask

    Your mask should be clean. Wash your mask or use a new mask each time you go out.

  • Some people do not have to wear masks

    You do not have to wear a mask if you cannot wear a mask because of your

    • disability
    • physical condition
    • mental health condition
  • If you cannot wear a mask for these reasons you must have with you

    • a medical certificate
    • a letter signed by a medical professional like a doctor
    • a letter signed by an NDIS provider
    • a statutory declaration

    This is so you have proof that you cannot wear a mask.

    If an official person asks you why you are not wearing a mask you must show them your letter or certificate.

  • See our other mask information which talks about

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