COVID-19 fines in NSW

16 August 2021
  • There are lots of rules to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

    There are rules about

    • Where we can go
    • What we can do
    • Wearing facemasks


  • There will be more police to make sure people follow the rules.

  • They will be in places including

    • parks
    • beaches
    • streets

    Police will check cars to see where people are going

  • Read our Easy Read guide about the rules for

    Greater Sydney and NSW 

    Regional NSW


  • There are very big fines if people do not do the right thing.

    Here is a list of things you can get fined for and the amount of the fine.


  • $1000 for breaching the public health order like not staying in your area.

  • $5,000 fine if you have been told to self-isolate but do not do it.

  • $5,000 fine for lying to a contact tracer.

    A contact tracer is a government person who calls if you have been to the same place as someone who has COVID.

  • $3,000 fine for not following the rule that you can only exercise with one other person.


  • $500 for not wearing a mask when the rule says you must.

    Some people do not have to wear a mask but they will need proof.

    Read our Easy Read blog about wearing masks to find out the rules.

  • If you get fined and need legal advice you can call The Ability Rights Centre-IDRS on 9265 6350

  • If you are stopped by police about breaking COVID rules you can ask the police to contact Justice Advocacy Service (JAS) on 1300 665 908.

    Someone from JAS may be able to speak to the police while you are with them.

  • For the latest rules go to the NSW Government website or call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

  • For more information call the Disability Gateway on 1800 643 787.

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