Why work is important for people with intellectual disability

20 March 2020
  • I like to work for lots of reasons.

    I work to have money.

    I like to have money to spend on the things that I want, like going out for dinner.

  • Image of Leonie working in the office

    I can save up and pay for things that I really want to do, like go on a holiday.

    Work gives me independence.

    I can make decisions for myself.

    It gives me the confidence to try new things.

  • Leonie participating in a workshop

    I would be bored if I did not have a job.

    I like to have something to do and work gives me a routine.

    It is a reason to get up and get out of the house.

  • Leonie presenting at the workshop

    I ran a workshop at the VALiD conference in March.

    I asked people at the workshop to say why work is important to them.

    Most people said that being paid is the best thing about work.

    They said having money means they can be more independent.

  • Leonie at the having a say conference

    People told me they liked the workshop.

    One man said “Now I know where I can go to find out how to get a job.”

    The workshop helped him understand what to do.

    I am glad I could help other people find work and become more happy and independent

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