eNews July 2023 in Easy Read

Grantees for My Rights Matter

  • CID gave grants to 5 projects.

    A grant is money to do a project.

    • Arron Fitzpatrick will make a series of podcasts called Our Voice, Our Choice.
    • Nissim Ghinsberg will make a film called Communication in My World.
    • Intellectual Disability Rights Service will make a project called Lawyers and Supported Decision Making.
    • Northcott Innovation will make a project called Making decisions about having a baby.
    • Side by Side Advocacy will make a project called Moving from me to us.
  • We will share stories from the projects in our eNews and on social media.

  • We will give out another round of grants.

    Applications open on 28 August.

Fame, Friends and Rock n' Roll

  • This episode of our podcast is about an indie rock band from Melbourne called Rudely Interrupted.

  • All the members of their band have a disability.

  • They talk about their experiences

    • Recording new songs
    • Being on the radio
    • Touring the world
  • Listen to the podcast on our website.

The Voice to Parliament

  • We have a new Easy Read fact sheet about the Voice to Parliament.

  • It will tell you

    • What is the Voice to Parliament?
    • Why is the Voice to Parliament important?
    • How will the Voice to Parliament vote happen?
  • Read the fact sheet at the link.

We are looking for a new CEO

  • We are looking for someone to join CID as our CEO.

    Do you know someone who is a good leader.

    Do you know someone who has done a lot of work with people with disability.

    Tell them about this role.

Updated health resources

  • We have updated 2 resources about health.

  • Me and my doctor is about making choices with your doctor.

  • Mental health is about taking care of your thoughts and feelings.

Deciding with Support

  • Deciding with Support is a new website that can help you make decisions about behaviour support.

  • Behaviour support is when you and your supporters make a plan for when it is hard to tell what you need.

  • You and your supporters can make a behaviour support plan together.

Learn 2 Lead

  • Learn 2 Lead is a great group to make friends and grow with each other.

  • Learn 2 Lead meets once a month to share ideas.

  • You do not need to be in Sydney to join.

    You can come to meetings online and in person.

  • You need to be a CID member to join.

    You can become a member at the link.

    It is free to be a member if you are a person with intellectual disability.

  • If you want to know more contact CID


ABC News and the NDIS

  • ABC News is looking into the NDIS.

  • They want to hear about your experiences with the NDIS.

  • There is an Easy Read version of their survey form you can download from their page.

Got a question?

  • Our friendly team can answer your questions.

    They can help you find the information you need.

    Call us on 1800 424 065.

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