A big year for everyone at Council for Intellectual Disability

17 October 2018

With the release of our latest Annual Report, Shu Hua Chan, our Chair, looks back over an exciting and successful year.

Hi everyone. What a big year it has been for everyone at Council for Intellectual Disability (CID).

It was very stressful year for everyone waiting to see if we got funding for our project work and advocacy.

It was just the same for all organisations that do the kind of work that we do like advocacy. It was a very uncertain feeling. But we joined up with other organisations, and did a big campaign and made sure we have money for advocacy. It is good to know we can keep doing the advocacy that we have always done.

And now we know what ILC funding we have we can get on and do some good work with our money. We can focus and plan our work.

CID has some very good projects for the next two years.

One of the things I love about CID is that when I come in people are sharing ideas.

Another is that when I am talking about something that I don’t understand there are always people who will help me. They share their experiences with me, and share their time and I share my ideas with them.

CID is a very good place to come to for Members and Board Members. Our Members want to be part of the council and tell CID about the real issues.

Our Members are a very important part of CID and this year they have done a lot of work with the staff at CID.

We can talk about the issues we have in our lives as people with intellectual disability. And we talk about how we can fix those problems together.

We do lots of work and we also have social time and be involved in new experiences.

All the staff care about people with intellectual disability, they want to know how their lives are going, and we work with staff to talk about how we will do things and make it better. We work together to do this.

I want to say a big thank you everyone, the staff the Members and the Board for all their hard work. And also for giving me the chance to be the Chair this year.

Read more about the last financial year’s challenges and successes in our Annual Report 2017-18.

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