A message from CID’s new Chairperson Shu Hua Chan

25 January 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Shu Hua Chan. I’m the new Chair elected at the Council for Intellectual Disability for 2018.

I’m so excited. I would like to share the story about the Chair with other people. I would like to share what my job is at the moment.

I didn’t expect to get the Chair role because of my reading and writing, but the board needs people with experience living with disability.

I have been with CID for more than 10 years.

I used to be in a sheltered workshop, now I’m in open employment. I work at Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association.

I am a speaker with Community Voice. I speak to people with disability, parents, carers, and people from a Chinese background.

I want to start as soon as possible and get into action.

To share with non-English speaking background, that is my first aim. Cantonese and Mandarin both. Reach out to more cultural groups.

There are so many language groups in Sydney. It is important we speak to people with intellectual disability from these groups.

I want to do public talks in my mother tongue, in Cantonese and Mandarin, to show parents that their children can go to TAFE after school and then have a job. I would like CID to have some regular talks, like consumer forums.

I would like all of our members to support the Don’t Silence Us campaign, so that we keep advocacy and so people can find work and have their own life. This is very important for their rights.

Welcome to the new board members for 2018. I am looking forward to working with you.

Shu Hua Chan
Council for Intellectual Disability

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