A new group of leaders is born!

16 August 2017

At the end of July we were delighted to host the graduation for a brand new group of leaders from our Become a Leader course.

At the graduation all the new leaders had an opportunity to test the skills they’d learnt in the course, with each person preparing and giving a speech on something they were passionate about.

Their speeches were engaging and well-presented, showing how far the graduates had come in seven weeks. When they started the course, they were shy and nervous about speaking up and sharing their ideas. As the course went on, the group grew more and more confident.

Everyone from the course was so excited about creating change and having an opportunity to speak up that they have formed the Holdsworth Leaders Club, which will meet monthly. The group has already decided they want to do more speaking up and learn more about public speaking.

The course, which was run in conjunction with Holdsworth Community Centre, brought together a group of people with disability over seven sessions to learn how to be a leader in their own lives and in their communities. Participants practiced public speaking, making choices, setting goals, team work and speaking up.

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