An announcement from our Chairperson

18 July 2023

Our CEO Justine O’Neill is leaving CID.

Throughout Justine’s five years at CID, our reputation, leadership, advocacy and project work have continued to grow.

Under her leadership CID has created real change and positively impacted so many people with intellectual disability, their supporters, professionals and the community.

Our Board Chair Fiona McKenzie said,

Fiona standing in front of a colourful mural.The board would like to thank Justine for all her hard work and dedication over the past five years. She is a very humble person and will be missed by everyone, but her presence will be felt going into the future as she leaves CID in a very successful place.

Justine has been our most inclusive CEO and created a safe space for everyone to thrive. She has included people with intellectual disability in every major decision during her time at CID and she has been very proactive by taking CID’s knowledge of inclusive governance out into the world.

Although finding a new CEO that is right for CID might take some time and not be an easy process, it can also be seen as an exciting time because every CEO CID has had, has bought their unique skills and knowledge to the role and we know the next CEO will too. The board and staff will be there during this changeover, to support both Justine and the new CEO to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Finally I just want to say thanks again to Justine, and wish her all the best for the future.

Justine said,

Justine standing in front of a stone wall.Working at CID is a special thing. I have learnt so much over the last 5 years and I have enjoyed working with our fabulous board and on our excellent projects. Anyone interested in working differently should leap at the opportunity to come and work for CID.

We are looking for a new CEO to replace Justine. Read more about the position here.

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