Shu and Adam with this year’s annual report

Another great year for Council for Intellectual Disability

15 October 2019

Hi everyone, I am Shu Hua Chan, CID’s chairperson.

This year has been very busy with lots of projects and advocacy work to make everything happen.

Everyone has come together and CID has been working on some really good projects like Inclusion Point, More Than Just a Job and the Primary Health Networks NDIS information sessions.

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to go to Wagga Wagga to be part of a day of presentations about Communities Can Do, creating inclusive communities and making it better for people with intellectual disability.

Communities need to work together to make all services and places accessible. People with disability including people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have the right to participate and be included and they have the knowledge to make sure this happens.

Shu at the Annual General Meeting

We need to keep making sure that people with disability can get information in Easy Read so they can use the health system properly and participate in activities like voting, which they have the right to do.

We have been focusing a lot on leadership skills and peer to peer work, which is important for encouraging people with intellectual disability to become leaders.

We have also been doing a lot of work for our campaign about continuing funding for disability advocacy and for important things like the Our Health Counts campaign that led to a health roundtable.

Lots of our members have been working very hard, meeting with state and federal politicians to tell them about CID’s work and how important funding is.

I would like to thank the members, staff and board for all their hard work.

I have really enjoyed my second year as Chairperson.

Thank you everybody!

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