Ben – tradition and confidence

22 August 2018

Ben is carrying on a family tradition of working in the book trade. With a friendly smile and professional approach, Ben prices stock and serves customers at the cash register at a bookshop in Sydney.

“I’m very independent and I’m very confident in the job that I do,” he says. “My colleagues thank me for the work that I do, which makes me really happy.”

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About these films

These films demonstrate the strengths and contributions that people with disability can, with the right support, bring to their workplace.

The films were produced by Mainstream and Me, a project of Council for Intellectual Disability and Inclusion Australia.

Thank you to Carmel, Ben, Angus, Shailaja, Jess, Alex, Sam, Alanna and Adam for sharing their stories. And thank you to filmmakers Grace Vaughan and Jason King.

These films were funded by the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Readiness Grants.

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