Customers have rights!

07 December 2017

Are you shopping for equipment or services to use in your NDIS plan? Did you know you have rights as a customer?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent organisation that protects the rights of customers. They have made Easy Read guides and videos to teach people with disability about these rights.

When you buy goods and services including disability-related purchases, you have rights under law. They are called consumer rights.

Some examples of your rights as a customer include:

  • If you do not want a product you do not have to buy it. People cannot bully you into buying a product.
  • If you buy something from a shop and it breaks you can take it back to the shop and get a new item, or a refund.

Here are three ways you can learn about your consumer rights and the steps you can take if you have any problems with the goods or services you buy:

  1. Read Your rights when you buy something Easy Read Guide (PDF).
  2. Watch the video below.
  3. Visit the ACCC’s Consumers with disability web page for more.

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